Looking for a haircut in the Caldwell, NJ area? Check out The New York Styles Salon in Newark, NJ! Ranging from a basic hairstyle to a stylistic design, The New York Styles Salon can do it all. We have experience with various clients for the past 14 years providing great service.

​​It is our goal to provide the latest and greatest products to be at your service at any time. As part of our work commitment, we pride ourselves on providing continuous education to our team of professionals. We believe in the importance of staying up-to-date year after year in this constantly changing industry.

Our New York Style Salon offers men’s and women’s hair styling as well as other services like pedicures and manicures, and more! It is a vital step in prepping to move toward keeping up with the brilliance and general strength of your hair. We can totally transform your appearance and give special remedies. This goes for our texture, coloring, pedicure, and men’s services in Caldwell, NJ.

Our prices start at $25 for a basic haircut and go to $45 for a Luxury Blow Out and $125 per oz for Brazilian hair treatment with a specialist. We are always at the front line of innovative color techniques and styling, giving and delivering special personalized consultations and experiences when visiting. Come visit us in Newark, we are not far from Caldwell, NJ!

Expertly educated, our teams deliver superior hairdressing and treatment, and our beautifully designed salon offers you a space to relax and look beautiful. The beautician’s obligations incorporate cleaning and cutting hair, offering hair care and hair styling meetings, and proposing hair styling items, among different obligations. Each stylistic beautician has 5-15 years of clinical experience in the field guided by the constructive, affectionate desire to serve their best to each client.

Once you meet them, it is guaranteed that you will have a strong interconnection with them chatting about all the stylistic approaches for your specific type. If you are in Caldwell, NJ, and looking for that amazing New York Style without blowing your budget, drop by for a visit and let our expert stylist show you how great you will look with a new hairstyle!